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15+ Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Let us be honest and get something out of the way, mental strength is not something people are born with. It takes years of learning and growth to get to a point where you can call yourself mentally strong. We are all faced with situations that seem like the end of the world but there has to be a learning curve.

People who make an effort and learn from these things become strong as they move forward with their lives. When someone is truly mentally strong, they have a different way of looking at things.

If you feel like you have work to do in this regard, fret not, because the following list is just for mentally strong people.

1. Compare lives and be jealous

People who are mentally tough do not believe in comparing their lives with other people or be jealous when someone is successful or is doing well in their lives.

2. Wallow in self-pity

Even if they get sad, they will not spend more than a minute throwing themselves a pity party. They move on to better things as soon as possible.

3. Be anxious

They know that being anxious will not solve any of their problems, so they do not let anxiety hinder their peace of mind and they focus on the positive side of things.

4. Feel suicidal

They do not get ever get to something as severe as suicide and they take time and evaluate the situation and come up with solutions instead of thinking of giving up for good. They know they are better than that.

5. Expect to just have good things happen to them

They make good things happen to them instead of just expecting them to happen without working hard and trying their best.

6. Whine

People who have a considerable amount of mental strength do not whine and complain about how they think nothing good will ever happen to them and spend their time wondering why the bad things only ever happen to them. They never say things like they wish that they had never been born because they truly believe that they were born for a purpose and they have loads to achieve in their lives.

7. Regret

They do not believe in having regrets or living with them. They do everything that they feel like they should.

8. Blame themselves

They never blame themselves for things beyond their control that go wrong because they know how pointless that whole practice is. They just move on to better things.

9. Wish they were someone else

They believe in working on their conditions instead of even thinking about the easy way out because they are not quitters or whiners. They will work for as long as they have to and as hard as they can.

10. Apologize too much

People who are mentally weak apologize for everything but on the other hand, people who have mental strength apologize only when necessary. They know that they do not need to be sorry for things that they cannot control.

11. Let their insecurities get to them

They never, even for once, let their insecurities tell them that they are not good enough. They will always quieten the voice at the back of their heads and do what they gotta do.

12. Say they are “fine” and invalidate their emotions

They are not the kind of people who will ignore their issues and not talk about them when they need to and they do not shy away from getting help because they know that getting help is the first step towards recovery and success. They acknowledge even the feelings that make them uncomfortable because they value themselves as individuals.

13. Stop going after what they want

They are unstoppable in the pursuit of what sets their soul on fire and they will never give up if getting to their goal takes time because they know that they will get there at some point or the other. They are ambitious and hardworking, and never lose sight of what they are chasing at any cost.

14. Focussing on their faults and not considering their talents

People who are mentally tough learn to look beyond their faults and see the beauty and talent they have. They remind themselves that they are here, on this planet for a purpose and are equipped with everything that they need to achieve that purpose. They find out their strengths and weaknesses and figure out what would work best for them.

15. Shutting people out

Shutting people out and making themselves alone is never a good idea and people who are mentally strong are well aware of this fact. They know that as humans, we all need companionship, so pushing people away is not the way to go about life.

16. Not say no

This is probably the most important thing there is because a lot of us lack the ability to say no to things and people that cause us distress. The ones out of us that are mentally strong always know when to say no because they know that their mental health and peace of mind comes before anyone else.

17. Care about the society too much

People who have a lot of mental strength know that the society is not what they are living for, it is their own self. They do not spend their time pondering over things they want to do because they believe that if they stray from the path that, everyone will judge them.

18. Think about the times they failed too much and let small things ruin their day

There is nothing more detrimental to our mental health if we spend our time thinking about the times we could not achieve the things we wanted to for too long. These people recognize this and find the positives to focus on. They are always looking at the big picture.

19. Keeping their emotions inside and believing that they are unworthy

They know that keeping their feelings bottled up will solve nothing and only mess with their mental health so they let it out and remind themselves every day that they are worthy.

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